At Ledger Run, our mission is to make it easier for sites, sponsors, and CROs to engage more effectively. Our uniquely tailored solution optimizes processes to make way for streamlined, secure, and transparent business collaboration.


Our ClinRun platform offers sites, sponsors, and CROs an innovative way to engage, delivering unparalleled transparency, collaboration, and value to all stakeholders.  We invite sites, sponsors, and CROs to join the ClinRun community and streamline your next engagement.

Introducing ClinRun

Driven by a unique combination of deep domain expertise and technical capabilities, our ClinRun platform rethinks clinical trial administration through active engagement, smart design, and breakthrough technology.

ClinRun is the industry’s first platform that seamlessly integrates the site budget and contract management processes with the investigator payments.  Placing sponsors, CROs, and sites on a unified platform paves the way for efficient CTA negotiation and payment execution.  


'Personalized Medicine' for your Clinical Business

An intuitive interface and smart data structure support continuous improvement with insightful reporting and analytics that eliminate redundancy, drive efficiency, and reduce negotiation burden.

  • Collapse Study Start Up Time - ML and our unique, intelligent architecture improves CTA and budget negotiation cycle times.

  • Enhance Investigator Relationships - Valuable tools and transparency support sites and promote active engagement from budget planning and negotiation, through payment delivery.

  • Improve Transparency with Analytics and Forecasting - Smart design enables detailed tracking and analytics, from internal budget and contract preparation and negotiation, through execution of payments.

  • Streamline Study Planning - Spend less time building spreadsheets and more time exploring scenarios to support decision-making for your CTA and study level costs.


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