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Your Next Trial Budget Negotiation Just Got Easier

ClinRun Budget is a long-awaited tool that gives sites more transparency and guidance for building and negotiating research budgets.  Keep track of all your versions, preferred rates, and even the rationale that your Sponsors and CROs require for supporting your budget.  Ensure your sustainability for future research.  We are building a community that will make it easier for Sponsors, CROs, and Sites to engage more effectively.

ClinRun Budget is a 'first of its kind' tool that enables sites to more effectively engage with Sponsors and CROs to expedite negotiations and promote a sustainable research community.

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Have a site network?

Build a budget for one site and cascade to your other investigators in your network - instantly ensuring you have accounted for local cost index variances.

Speak the Same Language & Engage More Effectively with Your Sponsors & CROs

  • Integrated Medicare rates to serve as a baseline for your research budget builds

  • Automatic locality adjustment indexes

  • AMA CPT® Code and Description Database

  • Ability to build and manage your own rate cards/charge masters

  • Easily build and manage budgets for one small site or an entire network of sites and investigators

  • Budget justifications you need to get proper consideration of your requests at your fingertips with a custom library

  • One-touch export to MS Excel for further analysis and sharing

  • Automatic version control

  • An integrated part of a procure-to-pay solution

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"Finally, someone has created a site budgeting tool that makes my life easier! At first I wasn't sure if it would really benefit our team, but now having used the tool for a number of studies, we won't go without it. It probably cuts down the time I personally spend building and modifying budgets by 50%. We love the rate justification library that we can reuse, rate benchmark lookups and ratecards. It has already paid for itself many times over." 

David L. Rodin, CEO

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