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Customer Value

ClinRun uses intelligent architecture designed to continually improve negotiation cycle times and seamlessly drive payments. ClinRun eliminates discrepancies and expedites processes throughout and improves performance. The cloud-based ClinRun platform reduces time and resource burden, accelerates site initiations, and keeps your sites engaged with consistent, accurate cash flow.




Calculation and payment of site visit payments was reduced from 2-3 weeks to 1 day

20%+ expected reduction in work effort to complete CTA and Payment tasks

A boutique CRO saw significant cycle-time improvement and reduction in work. Automated EDC input and payment computation eliminated manual and Excel calculations.

An oncology focused global CRO selected the ClinRun system based on the platform’s designed. They are now able to easily handle complex trial designs such as those with multiple-cycles, multiple-arms and remote/hybrid visits. Amendments are easily processed and automatically incorporated into the future payment processing runs.

An International Biotech company expects to benefit from their current implementation through the elimination of investigator site payment problems (errors and delays), the lack of information transparency (full payment reconciliation and transmittal) and improved customer service.


15-30% expected efficiency gains (both processing time and hours of work) in workflows related to site activation activities

Trial forecasting efforts were reduced from 1-2 weeks to 2 days

20% reduction in ClinOps technology solution costs (compared with prior vendor)

“All the data is in one place… We can negotiate site budgets, CTAs, and make payments on one platform.  My ClinOps VP can’t wait to use the study forecast planning tool.  You guys are lightyears ahead of the competition.”

– Head of Business Operations,

Biopharma Organization 

“We are not happy with our current provider; their functionality is limited, the roadmap keeps getting delayed, and the costs are high.  You have everything in one platform – our team and sites will like the transparency and simplicity…The platform is more advanced and delivers more value than anything we have seen.” 

– VP Sourcing, Large CRO 

“I see tremendous benefits of having all the data in one integrated global environment. There is a big value in having one system - reduced data entry, centralized tracking, and reporting for these functions [site budgets and contracts].  ClinRun will reduce the burden and drive efficiency for our teams”.

– Global Clinical Operations, Top Pharma   



The ClinRun Solution was built by industry pioneers who understand how inefficient the clinical trial financial management processes can be and designed an intelligent, user-friendly solution to address these inefficiencies. ClinRun can be easily tailored to each company’s needs and offers the flexibility to create new and improved workflows, adapt to your current processes or utilize a combination of both.

In a brief period, our customers have benefited from having sites, CROs, and sponsors on a unified platform that provides workflow efficiencies and fully transparent financial information so that budgets and contracts are developed and negotiated quickly and easily, and sites are paid on time and accurately.

Onboarding and Transition

Ledger Run provides personal support throughout the onboarding transition. Our team provides 24/7 customer support along with our intuitive Digital Adoption Platform, where you can quickly find answers to your questions. It is our goal to make the user experience during the transition to be as frictionless as possible.

Tech Support

Our tech support team stands ready to address any of your technical needs. Our goal is to make the transition process smooth and worry free. We will guide you step by step through all technical aspects of the ClinRun solution. Our simple and intuitive user interface makes it easy to navigate across all functionality and dashboards of the ClinRun Solution.

Feedback and Communication

At Ledger Run “Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions”. We take pride in connecting with our customers and listening to their challenges and suggestions. There are numerous features in the ClinRun Solution that were suggested by our users. Our world-class support and product teams are dedicated to making your experience with our solutions second to none.



We’d welcome the opportunity to share with you how Ledger Run’s ClinRun Solution will be useful for you and your business. Request a demo or reach out to learn more about how we are changing the way Investigator Grant Payments are managed.

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